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Samsung Acclaim – my new phone

It’s no iPhone, but it’s still pretty awesome. Of course, my last phone was a flip phone with absolutely no internet access.

This is the first phone US Cellular is selling that has Google’s new Android OS. Being from Google, it integrates really well with any of your google accounts – gmail, youtube, voice, talk, etc.

The sheer awesomeness of the various apps is keeping me pretty intrigued! A few of my favorite apps –

  • The obvious – facebook, twidroid (twitter), email, youtube
  • Voice Search – simply say a search term and it searches google for what you said.
  • Your Navigator Deluxe – get directions, maps, traffic updates. You can say the city you are traveling to and it gets directions
  • CityID – find out where that unknown caller is calling from.
  • Air Horn – plays various loud air horns – perfect for when your coworker comes in to your office and farts (as happens to me daily)
  • Google Goggles – take a picture of anything and it searches google for it.
  • Google Sky Map – aim phone at the sky to identify, search and find various planets, constellations and stars!
  • Pandora – stream music as you can on
  • WordPress – post to your blog
  • gStrings – tune any musical instrument
  • Solo lite – find guitar chords, and play an interactive guitar from your phone
  • Barcode Scanner – aim at any barcode and google search that item – whether it is to learn more about it or to compare prices online
  • Of course the phone also takes photos and video with a 3.2 MP camera. I can even post pictures/videos straight to this blog or facebook/twitter/etc

And now for a few photos:

Left: one of three home screens. Right: full list of all apps, available from the bottom slider arrow (seen on the left photo)
Has a full QUERTY keyboard along with a 3.2 inch screen
Left: Solo lite app that allows you to find guitar chords and play them on the interactive guitar

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4 comments on “Samsung Acclaim – my new phone”

  1. Jamie… you know the only reason I got this phone was because you were talking up the Galaxy S and then I couldn’t wait for the iPhone. haha. It’s a strange feeling knowing I can check twitter/facebook/email at any moment. Did you hear about Google’s new ‘App Inventor’? It was released yesterday. It’s a way to create Android Apps without any programming knowledge… I requested an invite from them… now I need App ideas.

  2. I have not heard about the App Inventor, though it sounds cool. How about an app that makes you breakfast?

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