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Poster Design

Posters should have a definite style or brand yet carry that style out with minimal content. Here are few posters I’ve designed in the past.

This was created in conjunction with a pamphlet that targeted the idea that finding WMD was a slam dunk case. And yes, the CIA director actually said that. I put statistics of the war and came up with the tag “Not Quite a Slam Dunk” This was intended to have a David Carson feel, with the typography… I’ve realized I’m not the “experimental typography” sort of person.

I created this poster for my senior portfolio, along with a CD design, website and bar coasters. I drew the guitar in Illustrator and then finished it in Photoshop. Check out Paul’s music at Myspace.

 For an ongoing freelance job for Meadow Heights Church. This concept started out as a small web ad and later became this 11×17 poster.

Do you need a poster designed?

If you are looking for someone to help you design a poster or anything (business card, brochure, website, logo, etc). I’m your man. You can get in contact with me and I’ll create something meaningful and awesome for you next project.

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One comment on “Poster Design”

  1. I’m digging that Slam Dunk poster! And I love Paul’s stuff. And I’m not ignoring your Meadow Heights poster. I just don’t have much to say about it, haha.

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