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Still Magazine website

The header and slideshow photo-illustrations have been adapted for the web from an original work by Jamie Carroll. See the original here.

Thoughts from the target audience:

"I just 'waltzed' through your web edition. It is elegant, clever, and fun. I can't say that about very many periodicals. I hope they pay you well; you created something that is a cut above, and that I hope is enjoyed by a lot of people. I haven't been back to Kirksville in over 20 years and have had a very wonderful nostalgic moment reading almost everything in this edition. I like your style. I look at a lot of web sites,†tutorials, and edu stuff†and yours has a snap and is so clear and easy to navigate . Simple efficiency is very elusive, and you have a clear mission and presentation. I admire the way you do it."

óDan Witt, D.O.
(these thoughts shared with the magazine editor)

Still Magazine website

At A.T. Still University, I get to create some great websites. This is probably one of my favorites. The goal of this website was to create an online presence where there previously was none. My goal was to present the magazine content in a very straightforward way.

The coolest part? Each issue has a uniquely designed website themed for the cover story. For example, check out the past issues - Winter '10, Summer '10 or Fall '10

CASE District VI, Silver Award in Electronic Newsletter or Magazine

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