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Website Design

Another Week, Another Website, Another Job

Since last week at this time A lot of things have happened. I got a website design and programmed for The Serve Center on campus. It’s for their “Big Event” This website actually validates as XHTML Strict,without errors and I’m excited about that. Here’s a screenshot: I also was asked to head up the Agriculture […]

Website Design

Blast from the Past!

I was recently burning some old design files onto CD (all 500 mb of them). They are taking over my computer. I noticed a few website screenshots that I thought “this stuff sucks” when looking at it. One such website was the very first website redesign I did… it was for Sargent Construction Company To […]

Traditional Art


So I’ve been working hard in Printmaking to learn all this new stuff. Here is my second relief print. The first one I did is framed, and hanging in Ophelia Parish… so I couldn’t get it scanned. For relief printing I basically carved from a peice of wood the white areas in the picture. Then […]


Chicago 2006!!!

The AIGA trip to Chicago was amazing. And not because there were 6 guys and 19 girls on the trip. Because I realized that I loved the atmosphere and the work environment that the design firm had, that we visited. I definitely want to live there sometime before I settle down. Here’s what trip was […]

Graphic Design

Recent Class Projects

Here are the Rapala Fishing Lure ad and the Brochure for Society of Illustrators I mentioned in the last post. For the left half of this, I found cool frames, pictures of people holding fish and a photo of wood panelling and put them all together to come up with the “bait shop wall” This […]

Newspaper Design, Print Design

Newspaper Design

Newspaper DesignLast semester I worked at the Index and did page layout and designed small information graphics. I learned a lot when it came to dealing with a lot of text. The Index put to use the idea of modular design. Modular design is where each story and things related to a story can have […]