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Traditional Art

Descent from the Cross

I recently scanned in some sketches I did back in December of 2005. I had been looking through a lot of books that had old drawings by the Renaissance Artist and just resketching them with my own style. I was also into expressive markmaking. I have some really old drawings of cars that I did […]

Website Design

137 visitors in 24 hours!

Wow! 137 unique visitors came to my website in the first day of my website being launched. Only a third of that number are people I personally invited to view it. I had one visitor from France, one visitor from Bulgaria, and one visitor from Australia… simply: wow. Below are the visitors from the US. […]

Website Design… FINALLY!

I finally launched my website Tuesday night. I spent about 2 weeks designing it and 2 days programming it. I have learned this semester that the design of a website should be done without a computer. And then the computer should be used as the tool to make the website happen. My goal was to […]

Website Design

Sargent Construction and RPI Music

My recent Viscom III Project was to choose two websites on the internet that needed to be redesigned. I chose two sites that I have been closely involved in during high school. and Sargent’s website was designed in 2003-04 and I had no formal graphic design skills. I decided to see what […]

Graphic Design

PowerPoint Graphics

This week at BSU, Gene is speaking about Missions, so at about midnight last night I created this for the PowerPoint during the service.

Website Design

A new website project

I have created a website design for It’s going to be finished by tonight. This is a website/graphic design company that I will possibly be working for and this website design is part of showing them my skill level.

Traditional Art

Intaglio Etching

I’m in a Printmaking class and we just recently did Intaglio. Since I don’t want to try to explain what Intaglio is I will quote Wikipedia which pretty much sums it up in a few sentences: Normally, copper or zinc plates are used as a surface, and the incisions are created by etching, engraving, drypoint, […]

Website Design

Jazz Television Website

So I finished the website for my Viscomm class in about 15 hours in two days. From Saturday night at 11 PM until Sunday night at 8:30 PM I worked on this website, minus a few hours of sleep and an hour for church. I posted the website at Has anyone ever heard of […]

Website Design

A Website in a Weekend

This weekend, I have to finish up a website and get it programmed by Monday. We had to make something up so I chose a jazz tv channel. I designed the logo and drew the saxophone player. I’m not sure if I can finish it up in time. Because we also have to have a […]