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Triathlon website redesign

For too long (4.5 years), this website survived without much attention to it. It was in desperate need of a redesign in order to better present the information about the annual triathlon. This website presented unique challenges for me. Challenge #1: This website is for an annual event and although there is a lot of […]

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A simple idea on responsive design

Recently, I’ve been boning up on the principles of mobile first and responsive web design. I’ve read Ethan Marcotte’s book, Responsive Web Design and also almost through with Luke Wroblewski’s book Mobile First. So far, I’ve built two websites using responsive techniques and let me tell you, all the reading in the world doesn’t prepare […]

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GOP Candidates & the Obama Design Aesthetic

I couldn’t help but notice a few striking similarities between current GOP candidate websites and Obama’s 2008 campaign website and the current White House website. Glowing Blue Background It seems that the new political design trend is going to be glowing backgrounds. Most of the candidate’s sites use a glowing blue background of some sort […]

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Designers don’t make things look ‘pretty’

What do designers do? Make things ‘pretty’ and ‘put a new coat of paint on something’, right? Wrong. A designer is someone who communicates visually through various mediums. This could be through print design, web design, and especially wayfinding design (the design of directional signs in our environment). The end result is hopefully something that […]

Website Design

Should designers know how to code?

[UPDATE: I’ve written a recent blog post about this – check it out here] This debate recently came up in the web design blogosphere in the last week or so. It all started with a tweet heard ’round the world by Elliot Jay Stocks. Honestly, I’m shocked that in 2010 I’m still coming across ‘web […]

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Creative Improv launches new website

Check out the live ‘Path of Principles’ website We (Creative Improv) recently launched a website for the national Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. It aims to provide a home for their lifelong membership training program. This project focused on their program, prospective audiences and social media links. We gave specific attention to outlining key information via […]