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Social Media & Brands

Just yesterday, I spoke to Lambda Pi Eta, the communication department’s honor society at Truman State University. I was connected to them by fellow Mountain Dew and Twitter addict, Don Krause (@santee). I was über nervous about speaking, as I always am, but I think I overcame that fear. I talked about my experience with […]

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Totally free advertising on Google

It seems that Google Local Business Listing has fallen under the radar, at least in my sphere of influence. So I wanted to share some advice to anyone who runs a small business or provides a marketable service. What is it? Google Local Business Listing is a way to get your business on Google Maps […]

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A very cool new WordPress plugin.

Jeffrey Zeldman (@zeldman), self-proclaimed web standards guru just tweeted about a WordPress plugin for adding a Facebook ‘like’ button to your individual blog posts.  So, of course I clicked through and checked it out! I instantly installed it on my blog here and tested it out. I absolutely love it. It seems that most people […]

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Why businesses and schools need Facebook & Twitter

Businesses who have an Internet presence (which should be every one of them or they are REALLY missing out) need to keep up with changes in the social media landscape and engage their audience where their audience spends most their time – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Why should businesses be active in social media? So that […]

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A look back: 2008 Presidential election

Since it seems like my six-part series on the 2008 presidential election has disappeared within my blog, I wanted to re-highlight it since I spent hours researching various aspects of that election. This series focuses on the websites of Sen. John McCain and then-Sen. Barrack Obama. It was a culmination of a semester of research […]

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Daisy Girl Reincarnate

In my Advertising course in college we analyzed many past political ads including Daisy Girl.  It aired September 7, 1964 and seemed to be an effective ad because it drew fear about  Lyndon B. Johnson’s opponent, Senator Barry Goldwater. The ad was created by innovative ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach. It only aired once but that […]