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My Holy Sh*t Moment

Recently, Mitch Goldstein (a great designer and educator at Rhode Island School of Design) blogged about his holy sh*t moment. His was that you could photograph type instead of just ‘typing’ it. A design student, Brittany Loar responded with her ‘moment’ as well. Here are few of my holy sh*t moments: Throughout high school I […]


Random Personal Work

(click to see larger) While I was home I put some old photos on my computer, some of them being of my aunts and uncles as teenagers. This is my Uncle Rick and Aunt Sherry, siblings of my mom. I don’t know the year this was taken, but come on… it HAS to be in […]


Someone once said…

In a well-made book, where designer, compositor and printer have all done their jobs, no matter how many thousands of lines and pages they must occupy, the letters are alive. They dance in their seats. Sometimes they rise and dance in the margins and aisles. — Robert Bringhurst (author of The Elements of Typographic Style) […]

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This week in design

blackcat billboard idea #5 I tried getting the cat to look like it was ripping through the billboard. I spent 30 minutes playing with placement of the cat over the rip. It just wasn’t looking right… then I realized that the cat tail needed to go because it was ‘flattening out’ the depth of field.  […]

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This Week in Design

Logo for the Student Government Association at ATSU – This is to be used on their brand new website that I posted a few weeks ago. Will be in WordPress – should be come out nicely! iconnect – a website that connects the ATSU community through various social networking all in one place. I can’t […]

Billboards, Branding, Design Concept/Ideas, Illustration, Redesign, Typography

Blackcat Billboard Ideas

I’m currently working on designing a billboard for fredericktown school district – it’s a project meadow heights church is doing for the school. First I had to re-illustrate the low resolution blackcat that I was provided with. There’s gotta be a high-res version floating around somewhere – now I have my own – and it only […]

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This Week in Design

MEADOW HEIGHTS CHURCH ‘REMEMBER’ MESSAGE SERIES Another message series! I’ll have another one to post in two weeks. This one was a borrowed set of graphics from What is borrowed is the glass image and ‘remember’ logo. The rest is a unique design that fits the Meadow Heights ‘style’. It’s funny that Meadow Heights […]