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The Design Process

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An Event Apart: Faster Design Decisions with Style Tiles

At An Event Apart – Austin 2013, Samantha Warren shared about her new idea: Style Tiles. Here are my take-aways: Design is art without clients – and in-house designers still have clients Creating 3 fixed-width pixel-perfect Photoshop comps encourages ‘Frankencomps’ – where client will request pieces of each to be put together to make a […]

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Designers don’t make things look ‘pretty’

What do designers do? Make things ‘pretty’ and ‘put a new coat of paint on something’, right? Wrong. A designer is someone who communicates visually through various mediums. This could be through print design, web design, and especially wayfinding design (the design of directional signs in our environment). The end result is hopefully something that […]

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Still life photo – before and after

So, I’m pretty new to still life photography and photography in general – but I’ve found some techniques/processes that seem to work for me – allowing me to create a technically sound image that is sharp and in focus at 100% I was especially excited with the recent photos of these fake grapes. I basically […]

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l’art pour l’art

Leafing through an old magazine, I noticed a small ad about a design course by mail. The headline read, “Art for pleasure and profit!” I have never found a better definition to describe my profession. Of course, at times it is more the pleasure and less the profit, at times the contrary. But if one […]