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Newspaper Design

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Poynter’s Eye-Tracking Problems

I found this article by Andy Rutledge to be very interesting. He believes Poynter is doing the public a disservice by putting out studies on the eye movement of people who read things on the web or in print (the study is here). Now, I’ve always found information about the typical eye movement of people […]

Newspaper Design

Newspaper Ad

I recently created a newspaper ad for the Christmas gatherings at Meadow Heights Church. I went for a sort of web 2.0 style, combined with my own style of simple and clean design. Check out the design work for the Imagine Campaign I worked on for them.

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Great Newspaper Ads pt. 1

I’m new to designing ads for newspapers, but not new to designing and laying out newspaper pages. I worked a semester at the Truman Index. I stared at very full newspaper pages with columns and columns of text all the time while trying to fit even more stuff in there. It’s all about how much […]

Newspaper Design

Newspaper Ads in an hour I kind of fell into doin…

Newspaper Ads in an hour I kind of fell into doing a few designs for a newspaper ad to be featured in Kirksville’s Daily Express. I was chatting with my boss about how I saw my logo for the Drug Coalition on the billobard and she mentioned she had an hour to get an advertisement […]

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Newspaper Design

Newspaper DesignLast semester I worked at the Index and did page layout and designed small information graphics. I learned a lot when it came to dealing with a lot of text. The Index put to use the idea of modular design. Modular design is where each story and things related to a story can have […]