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Finding my work in a few cool places

I was recently browsing a few of my past Visual Communication professor’s websites. I found my work highlighted in their ‘student work’ section. Check them out here. (live site here) (live site here) Beth now teaches in San Bernardino, CA at California State University I also found my ‘yes we can’ Obama video on Gary’s […]

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Creative Improv’ing

I’ve spent the last four months working on starting my own freelance business known as Creative Improv. It is a unique collaboration between myself and Michael, but also might include more folks in the future depending on the specific project (photographers & programmers). Michael and I would always tell each other, “you know we should start a design business”. Well […]

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A Summer of Work all in a Magazine

from left – Home Storage Solutions magazine cover, ‘Stack Your Storage’ magazine spread, Table of Contents A few days ago I received a package in the mail. The package was from Dave Stone at Workbench Magazine. It contained the magazine that I spent all summer conceptualizing, branding, designing and redesigning. I had so much anticipation during the past […]

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Denied My Right to Vote

I have been excited about my chance to vote in this election. I visited McCain and Obama’s website almost every day along with watching numerous CNN news videos and reading stories to keep on the campaigns. I was ready to vote. I registered in Adair County on October 8. I filled out my registration form […]

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Great Opportunities

I’ve sent my résumé to twenty places. Five have told me they aren’t hiring. Two have told me I don’t have enough experience. The rest haven’t responded to any correspondences I’ve initiated. You might be wondering why I’ve titled this post ‘Great Opportunities’. Here’s why: This week I was contacted by a place I didn’t even apply to (because I didn’t […]

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Typography in our Environment

My last semester has started and I’m taking Advanced Motion Graphics, Advanced Digital Graphics, Chemistry and Internet Programming. For Adavanced Digital Graphics we had to photograph each letter/number in any category we chose. I decided to photograph architectural things, mostly in alleys and outside. The gallery below shows my results. Please note that the thumbnails […]

My Life

Blogging to set the record straight

Bloggers often talk about news stories/write their own opinions on a certain national story/issue. I have even heard news anchors mention the blogosphere and the shear number of bloggers who will write about big news stories. Well, recently I’ve experienced this same phenomenon at a very personal/local level. But unlike some bloggers who rant and rant about their narrow-minded opinions, […]

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An Amazing Summer So Far

Two weeks ago I began an internship at August Home Publishing. I think I’ve learned more about layout and design in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years. Doug Appleby is the Assistant Art Director for Workbench magazine. He is the greatest designer I’ve ever worked with and for. He always knows […]

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Rolling out the websites

I’ve got website projects in all stages of production. A recent website project for Truman Media Network (TMN) is being programmed right now My goal for TMN was to make it very accessable to visitors. I took many cues from CNNs website.  Also this was a test in “making a website with an existing logo that isn’t […]