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My path to productivity

I want to tell my story. It’s about how, up until 2 years ago, I never felt productive in my work. It went something like this: It’s a Friday or Saturday night and I have some free time to work on personal or freelance projects and I wouldn’t know what to start on. Or I […]

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2012 Year in Review

Personally Officially became free of all credit card debt while paying off 4 large debts using the debt snowball idea from Dave Ramsey Completed numerous house projects – renovated kitchen, refinished shed, shutters, doors, etc. Photography Learned many new post-processing techniques to use while processing my photographs. Check out my photos here! Became an exclusive […]

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Ruby Tuesday’s missed opportunity

Recently I tweeted about Ruby Tuesday and expressed my dissatisfaction for the service I received. For a company this large not to have a presence on twitter is a missed opportunity. Companies large and small should be using to crawl twitter for mentions about their business. When someone is dissatisfied about their product or […]

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Samsung Acclaim – my new phone

It’s no iPhone, but it’s still pretty awesome. Of course, my last phone was a flip phone with absolutely no internet access. This is the first phone US Cellular is selling that has Google’s new Android OS. Being from Google, it integrates really well with any of your google accounts – gmail, youtube, voice, talk, […]

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After ‘The Thunderer’

I’ve been listening to some old music that I performed in various bands in high school and college and came across this one. [media id=2 width=390 height=20] It was performed in 2003 at the MO-IL Bi-State Band with Lt. Col. Lowell Graham directing the band. He was the former Air Force Band director. This song […]

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Youtube Channel Design

I’ve been crazy busy at ATSU designing new websites and doing daily web updates for everyone and their brother. I discovered that schools get special privileges as far as branding their channel. This got me excited to design this channel. It only took about three hours and it was so easy to implement. There are […]