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It’s not a pink slip, it’s a blank page.

I ran across this documentary on Hulu about a  month ago. Lemonade tells the story of laid-off folks (mostly in advertising and creative fields) who are taking full advantage of all their extra free time. They are pursuing their true passions and finding so much joy in it. You might say that they are making […]

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This Week in Design

MEADOW HEIGHTS CHURCH ‘REMEMBER’ MESSAGE SERIES Another message series! I’ll have another one to post in two weeks. This one was a borrowed set of graphics from What is borrowed is the glass image and ‘remember’ logo. The rest is a unique design that fits the Meadow Heights ‘style’. It’s funny that Meadow Heights […]

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Great Opportunities

I’ve sent my résumé to twenty places. Five have told me they aren’t hiring. Two have told me I don’t have enough experience. The rest haven’t responded to any correspondences I’ve initiated. You might be wondering why I’ve titled this post ‘Great Opportunities’. Here’s why: This week I was contacted by a place I didn’t even apply to (because I didn’t […]