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Good design is….

Recently, I came across Dieter Rams’ ten principles of good design. I didn’t even know who Dieter Rams was – but assumed that he was surely a graphic designer, based on his definition of good design (and maybe the glasses). I was wrong! (which proves good design is transcendent) Dieter Rams is an industrial designer […]

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Alumni Magazine ad

This has to be my favorite magazine ad I’ve ever designed. Why? Because I had a vision,  sketched it out and communicated it to the photographer. It came together exactly how I planned. That may sound easy, but it’s not always. The goal was to portray simply, that the print-only publication is now going to […]

Editorial Design, Graphic Design, My Full-Time Job, Print Design

iconnect Magazine Ad

I recently designed this advertisement for placement in the A. T. Still University alumni magazine. It’s pretty cool to come full circle with a project. I had designed the iconnect website (see this post) and now print advertising for it. I also designed the first ever website for the alumni magazine – Still Magazine. More […]

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My Holy Sh*t Moment

Recently, Mitch Goldstein (a great designer and educator at Rhode Island School of Design) blogged about his holy sh*t moment. His was that you could photograph type instead of just ‘typing’ it. A design student, Brittany Loar responded with her ‘moment’ as well. Here are few of my holy sh*t moments: Throughout high school I […]

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PowerPoint Graphics

This week at BSU, Gene is speaking about Missions, so at about midnight last night I created this for the PowerPoint during the service.

Graphic Design

Recent Class Projects

Here are the Rapala Fishing Lure ad and the Brochure for Society of Illustrators I mentioned in the last post. For the left half of this, I found cool frames, pictures of people holding fish and a photo of wood panelling and put them all together to come up with the “bait shop wall” This […]