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What is this ‘Design Myth’ thing?

A few years ago, after one too many ‘things’ related to my work as a designer got under my skin and frustrated me, I resolved to find the common theme and discover how to overcome this frustration I was experiencing. The common theme was that people who aren’t designers don’t understand design, designers and the […]

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Creative Improv launches new website

Check out the live ‘Path of Principles’ website We (Creative Improv) recently launched a website for the national Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. It aims to provide a home for their lifelong membership training program. This project focused on their program, prospective audiences and social media links. We gave specific attention to outlining key information via […]

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Questions: Design Style

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about design styles. The question was posed to me… That begs the question….is it better to develop your own “style” that you become recognized by, or have an arsenal of styles to draw from to please your clients?  Both have valid arguments… That’s a tough question. I think […]

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This Week in Design

This is the first of many weekly posts. I hope to publish new design work weekly. ATSU NEWS RELEASES – ATSU was publishing news releases statically on their website. I worked with the Communications & Marketing department to integrate a blog-style news releases website. It’s complete with an RSS feed on ATSU GLOBAL NAVIGATION The […]

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unique artist. unique art. unique ink.

I would never have guessed that of all places, Fredericktown, MO would be home to a really awesome illustrator like Tim at Unique Ink. Michael Goldsmith and I teamed up to create a truly ‘unique’ website for Unique Ink. They offer screen printing/poster design/vinyl lettering and a bunch of other stuff. His artistic style is […]

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Newest Logo Design

I’ve been working with a high school friend to develop a brand and website for his newest endeavor – to offer free online financial planning to lower-middle class people. He currently lives in Chicago as a financial planner. He had a good idea of what he was looking for. Colors, imagery and wording were some […]