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This week in design

blackcat billboard idea #5 I tried getting the cat to look like it was ripping through the billboard. I spent 30 minutes playing with placement of the cat over the rip. It just wasn’t looking right… then I realized that the cat tail needed to go because it was ‘flattening out’ the depth of field.  […]

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This Week in Design

Logo for the Student Government Association at ATSU – This is to be used on their brand new website that I posted a few weeks ago. Will be in WordPress – should be come out nicely! iconnect – a website that connects the ATSU community through various social networking all in one place. I can’t […]


Blackcat Billboard idea

I haven’t come up with more than one variation based on the critiques yet. This is one idea that is more balanced and uses some background texture. I still want to try more type variations and have the cat ripping through the billboard (the ripping idea is thanks to this cool dude.) As always – […]

Billboards, Branding, Design Concept/Ideas, Illustration, Redesign, Typography

Blackcat Billboard Ideas

I’m currently working on designing a billboard for fredericktown school district – it’s a project meadow heights church is doing for the school. First I had to re-illustrate the low resolution blackcat that I was provided with. There’s gotta be a high-res version floating around somewhere – now I have my own – and it only […]