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Bad design by design

Bad design by design, Politics, Social Media

Obama and Romney on Twitter… a major #fail

In a previous blog post, I said that Obama and Romney have failed at replying to Twitter followers – as noted by the ‘no replies’ that can be found on their Twitter profiles. They or their campaign have never replied to any of their followers. I said this was an utter failure because they could […]

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Designers don’t make things look ‘pretty’

What do designers do? Make things ‘pretty’ and ‘put a new coat of paint on something’, right? Wrong. A designer is someone who communicates visually through various mediums. This could be through print design, web design, and especially wayfinding design (the design of directional signs in our environment). The end result is hopefully something that […]

Bad design by design, Design Contests

Yes, that IS spec work.

So I just saw a facebook status update from Gary Vaynerchuk, who I respect as an entrepreneur. But is having a design contest to design his next book cover. He specifically says it’s not spec work, because the winner will be paid. You are correct, it’s not spec work for the winner, but what about […]

Bad design by design, Inspiration, Someone Once Said..., Usability

Think Google. Think iPod.

Just because something looks good doesn’t mean its useful. And just because something is useful does not make it beautiful. — Joshua Brewer Think Google – amazingly simple and useful, but not beautifully designed. There is a difference between usability and beautiful design. It can be ugly and usable or it can be beautiful and […]

Bad design by design, Motion Graphics, Politics, Viral Advertising

Daisy Girl Reincarnate

In my Advertising course in college we analyzed many past political ads including Daisy Girl.  It aired September 7, 1964 and seemed to be an effective ad because it drew fear about  Lyndon B. Johnson’s opponent, Senator Barry Goldwater. The ad was created by innovative ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach. It only aired once but that […]

Bad design by design, Branding, Design Concept/Ideas, Politics, Redesign, Usability, Viral Advertising, Website Design

Politics & Effectively Using the Web (part four)

In part four, I take a look at the recent website redesign by John McCain and compare it to his previously all black website. Beautiful Design I believe I’ve said this on my blog before. This presidential campaign has largely been about change. Most significantly, a change from really horrible design in political campaigns to truly […]