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Annual Review

Annual Review, Photography

Why a photo a day?

I did it! I shot a photograph a day in 2014 that utilized lighting (studio lights or flash units). I wanted to learn how to use lighting to make great photos – so this was my solution. I didn’t cheat either. Each day I shot a new photo (excluding 5 days during a family emergency). […]

Annual Review

2012’s Most Popular

In 2012, this blog saw 1,906 unique visitors which is a 38% increase from 2011 and a 99% increase from 2010! 86% of  those 1,906 people were new visitors to the blog! The top three referring websites were, and  I’m so grateful to each and every one of you who took a […]

Annual Review, Creative Improv, My Life

2012 Year in Review

Personally Officially became free of all credit card debt while paying off 4 large debts using the debt snowball idea from Dave Ramsey Completed numerous house projects – renovated kitchen, refinished shed, shutters, doors, etc. Photography Learned many new post-processing techniques to use while processing my photographs. Check out my photos here! Became an exclusive […]

Annual Review

Most popular posts of 2011

2011 brought 1,375 unique visitors to my blog—that is a 61% growth from 2010. I’m grateful to everyone who took a moment to check out my blog this year, ‘like’ a post, comment or share the things I post here. Thank you! I thought it would be interesting to check out some statistics for what […]