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What I learned at An Event Apart – Austin


Over the month of October, I recapped all 12 conference talks in previous blog posts. Looking back through my notes from each speaker and blogging about my take-aways helped me really organize my thoughts and remember all the great things I learned.

The things I heard at the conference fall into one of three categories:

  1. “Amen!” I know that already and totally agree!
  2. “Huh?” I don’t know that, and I realize how much I still need to learn!
  3. “I’m feeling convicted!” I know that, but don’t want to put it into practice. Either because it’s hard or just not fun or glamorous.

Here is the ‘big idea’ and/or lesson I took away from each of the 12 talks:

10 Commandments of Web Design – Jeffrey Zeldman

  • Stop focusing on ‘techy’ details and make your websites fun and playful – through conversational content.
  • Test everything – using Adobe Creative Cloud Edge Tools and also test your deeply held assumptions.

All of my thoughts on this talk

Faster Design Decisions with Style Tiles – Samantha Warren

  • During the design process, ask ‘Why?” in response to what they tell you, in order to get to the root of their statements
  • Ask metaphor questions like, “If your brand were a ____, it would be a _________ and why?
  • Begin using style tiles in my own design process.

All of my thoughts on this talk

Content/Communication – Kristina Halvorson

The story informs the format – think content first. My interpretation – The content informs the design

    • Require bulk of content up front and understand all content before designing.

All of my thoughts on this talk

A write/read (mobile) web – Luke Wroblewski

“It takes big changes to go small” – Tim Cook, Apple CEO

  • This means the mobile experience should have a focused and clear flow.
  • Remove extraneous bits of design and content that deters users from main purpose and call to action.

All of my thoughts on this talk

The map & the territory – Ethan Marcotte

As a web designer, I need to craft mobile experiences that ensures  that people who might feel like second-rate citizens do not also have a second-rate web browsing experience on the only device they can access the web on: their mobile device.

All of my thoughts on this talk

The Mobile Content Mandate – Karen McGrane

Disruptive Innovation = a product/service that is inferior in many ways comes out but ends up creating a brand new market of customers for their ‘inferior’ product or service

  • The connection I made and the example I can’t stop thinking about: DIY website solutions like Google Sites, SquareSpace, etc vs hiring a web designer/developer

All of my thoughts on this talk

The Long Web – Jeremy Keith

Treat navigation as second. On mobile, you can decide to only place navigation at the bottom of your site. The nav icon can just be an anchor link (#nav) to the bottom of the website, where the navigation resides. Alternatively, the navigation icon could link out to a separate page that only has nav on it – has same experience for user, but different approach for designer/developer.

All of my thoughts on this talk

Putting UI’s in Motion – Val Head

My biggest take-away was that I haven’t been really taking advantage of CSS Animations.

All of my thoughts on this talk

Preprocessing is for Everybody – Chris Coyier

  • CSS is meant for computers to understand – so lets make it more productive to write it by preprocessing!
  • I need to begin looking into and trying out SASS and proprocessing

All of my thoughts on this talk

Beyond Play – Joshua Davis

  • When you engage in creative play, you discover the unknown.
    • For example, I recently learned that 3M has a ’15 percent program’ that allows their employees 15% of their time to research and investigate their own ideas. As a result, products like scotch tap and sticky notes were invented. More about this idea here.
  • If you never engage in creative play, you are only going to replicate others’ work, rather than truly innovating.

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What Clients Don’t Know and Why It’s Your Fault – Mike Monteiro

  • We have to understand that most people won’t buy design in their life and so the lack of understanding toward our industry should be understandable.
  • Communicate with clients like doctors communicate with patients.

All of my thoughts on this talk

It’s a Great Time to be an Experience Designer – Jared Spool

  • Innovation is about combining existing inventions in a new way:
    • think Instagram, which combined taking photos with social networks
    • think Apple’s support “Genius Bar”, where they combining appointments with customer support

All of my thoughts on this talk

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