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An Event Apart: Content/Communication

Hilton Lobby

At An Event Apart – Austin 2013, Kristina Halvorson shared her thoughts on content strategy for the web. Here are my take-aways from the talk.

  • Create consistency in your content
  • Create cohesiveness in your content
  • The content is not for us, it’s for the audience
  • The story informs the format – think content first. My interpretation – The content informs the design
  • Move fast and break things
  • Activity doesn’t always equal productivity
  • Having a strategy keeps us accountable.


  • A content life cycle consists of: strategy → plan → create → maintain → audit
  • Process is not your god… it’s OK to break the rules


  • In each project, think RACI
  • R – who is responsible?
  • A – who is accountable?
  • C – who is consulted for sign off?
  • I – who is kept informed?

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