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Triathlon website redesign

For too long (4.5 years), this website survived without much attention to it. It was in desperate need of a redesign in order to better present the information about the annual triathlon.

This website presented unique challenges for me.

Challenge #1:

This website is for an annual event and although there is a lot of information, it doesn’t really make sense to split it up across many separate webpages. It’s one event, so why not make it one page? This means the flow of information down the page needs more attention as does the way people access all that information (navigation).

Challenge #2:

The other challenge is that the logo requires more space and size. (btw, the logo was designed by the great Jamie Carroll) Since it’s a tall logo, it screams “make me huge”. It couldn’t just be treated like any other logo where it could survive smaller and at the top left of the website design. This logo needs to be the center of attention. So… I made it large and centered it. That was the easy part. The hard part was dealing all the space to the left and right of the logo.

Challenge #3:

Another challenge is that the call to action needs to be baked into the design of the site. The call to action being ‘register online’. I chose to place this button right below the logo. The logo draws the most attention so why not place the call to action right next to the attention grabbing element?

Check out the redesign below and click through to see the live website.

triathlon website

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