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2012’s Most Popular

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In 2012, this blog saw 1,906 unique visitors which is a 38% increase from 2011 and a 99% increase from 2010! 86% of  those 1,906 people were new visitors to the blog! The top three referring websites were, and

I’m so grateful to each and every one of you who took a moment to check out my blog this year, ‘like’ it, comment or share the things I post here. Thank you!

Here are the 6 most visited blog posts of 2012:

1. Line and Shape in Nature

A photo project I did where I spent 10 minutes at a location just taking in my surroundings and then the next 5 minutes taking photos that show interesting line, shape, composition, subject matter. This forced me to really take in the environment before putting the camera to my eye.

2. What Widows & Orphans Really Are

This is a post from many years ago where I was responding to a few things online that I read where people had the wrong definition for the typographical elements of widows and orphans.

3. Poster Design

A few examples of posters I had designed during college

4. David Carson style type design

A few example designs that loosely follow the same design style of David Carson.

5. Truman Campus – Winter Sunset

Photos of Truman State University campus during a snowy sunset.

6. GOP Candidates & the Obama Design Aesthetic

This covers the odd similarities between the various Republican presidential candidate’s websites and Obama’s 2008 campaign website.

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