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Most popular posts of 2011

2011 brought 1,375 unique visitors to my blog—that is a 61% growth from 2010. I’m grateful to everyone who took a moment to check out my blog this year, ‘like’ a post, comment or share the things I post here. Thank you!

I thought it would be interesting to check out some statistics for what the most popular posts were this year. In order – starting with most popular….

1. What widows and orphans really are

A brief description of what widows and orphans are in terms of typography. I quoted the ‘typography bible’, The Elements of Typographic Style to support my premise.

2. Poster design

A small showcase of a few posters I have designed – from 2008

3. David Carson style type design

A showcase of a few typographic exercises I completed while in college. This post features a David Carson style of design – really pushing the typography. I liked to call it my ‘make my professor happy’ era of designing.

4. Political impact of design on people

Here I discuss how design for politicians and political movements can negatively impact people. I discuss the very old Daisy commercial along with Sarah Palin and Barack Obama’s political design choices.

5. Designers don’t make things look pretty

I discuss the common phrase I hear; “You can make it look all pretty“. The fact is, designers communicate visually, not just make things look pretty.

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