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Social Media & Brands

Just yesterday, I spoke to Lambda Pi Eta, the communication department’s honor society at Truman State University. I was connected to them by fellow Mountain Dew and Twitter addict, Don Krause (@santee). I was über nervous about speaking, as I always am, but I think I overcame that fear.

I talked about my experience with social media as the owner/designer of Creative Improv and why brands need to care about social media.

A few quick notes, I had tweeted to UPS and FedEx 3 times in the last few days (once during my presentation) and hadn’t received a response from them until just now. @FedExRobin responded – you can see her tweet here.

Check out my presentation below. I recorded it a day after I gave the presentation to the folks at Truman.

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One comment on “Social Media & Brands”

  1. Very informative discussion on the importance of Social Media. While some may dismiss this as “playing with Facebook” or “just tweeting,” Social Media is an important way for organizations to open the lines of communication with their publics.
    Thanks for a great presentation!!!

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