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This is what social media is all about

While traditional media was about putting your brand out there full force with no real interaction, social media is about a human conversation with your friends, fans and customers. Here is the perfect example of Andrew Garcia, the American Idol star connecting with his fans in a real way. The fans talk and he listens and interacts. This has happened on Twitter for me with multiple people like Candace Cameron, Don Lemon (CNN anchor), etc. Social media has the power to bring us all closer together – especially when it comes to celebrities and big brands.

Has anything like this happened you? You mention a brand and they respond to you on twitter or facebook? Let me know! I may use your story in my upcoming talk about social media

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5 comments on “This is what social media is all about”

  1. I sent a tweet out complaining about how sucky Charter cable was and within minutes Charter tech support called me on my cell. Both creepy and cool. Not sure how they found my cell number.

  2. Yes, that’s happened. Over the summer had some concerns about a fairly major purchase at Home Depot. I tweeted it, and someone actually contacted me. It makes the consumer feel important.
    Southwest Airlines is a big user of Social Media. #southwestair They monitor Twitter and answer questions in real time.
    I love Social Media and how it is used by consumers to level the playing field and open communication. I wrote a paper last year about Dave Carroll’s “United Breaks Guitars” video on Youtube.
    From a PR standpoint, Social Media is essential.

  3. @Matt – that’s cool. I’ve had godaddy’s office of the president call me after tweeting about them (and this was in 2007)

    @Don – I agree, it is definitely becoming essential to a brand’s PR. I sometimes hear people complain that we shouldn’t take our complaints to twitter and expect a response. I know I DO expect a response. Every brand I’ve complained about has responded – except Ruby Tuesday.

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