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Politicians turning to Social Media

Just a quick thought here –

Does anyone find it very interesting that Sarah Palin has taken her voice to Facebook and Twitter almost exclusively? She is calling the shots and making the mainstream media report on what she just wrote on these social sites. It is unprecedented that a politician could so overtly avoid any tough questions or interviews and still get the coverage that she gets.

Is this responsible journalism? Is this responsible politicking? (did I just use responsible and politics in the same sentence?)

Your thoughts?


I just read this interesting article on CNN about why America is growing tired of Palin. I ‘bolded’ the part that seems to echo what I was pinpointing above.

The hope for some Republicans is that Palin will literally tweet her way out of our hearts. The books, the reality TV, the family psycho-dramas, the never-ending internet “thought bubbles” could just be enough to drive even those who like her over the edge. And, sure, we in the press are part of this uber-coverage, behaving as if every 140-character thought is worth some conversation. It isn’t. As Erick Erickson, the editor of the conservative and a CNN contributor, told me, it’s not really about what Palin has achieved. “By 2012,” he says, “people are going to be so tired of her they’re going to want to avoid eye contact. It’s not fair, but it’s reality.”

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2 comments on “Politicians turning to Social Media”

  1. It’s a good move on her part, as she doesn’t hold up well even when questioned by a more conservative journalist. This is basically the only way she could continue to be talked about, so of course she’s going to use it.

    Journalist responding to the bait and reporting on it may be irresponsible, but I think that’s small potatoes in journalism. There are tons of other ways they could be much more responsible, and if they were, I wouldn’t care about what they report on Palin at all.

  2. I love your point about her knowing that this is how she will continue to get publicity. She is a VERY smart person when it comes to keeping herself a ‘celebrity’. She gets eaten alive on an interview with Bill O’Reilly, no wonder she did horrible with Couric and others.

    I can’t think of another politician or celebrity that has balked at the media and still gets this much attention by doing what 15 yr old girls do best – writing emotionally charged things on Facebook and twitter (sorry that last part was a bit over the top)

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