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Why businesses and schools need Facebook & Twitter

Businesses who have an Internet presence (which should be every one of them or they are REALLY missing out) need to keep up with changes in the social media landscape and engage their audience where their audience spends most their time – Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Why should businesses be active in social media? So that when I tweet about how I’m upset with GoDaddy’s service, someone from the office of the president will call me and ask how they can help. YES, this actually happened to me, and it happened two years ago, before anyone really understood twitter. Or when I make a lame joke about not shipping ‘overnight’ they will reply via twitter and ask my order number to check into it. Yes, that happened too.

What about universities? They need Facebook and Twitter to reach out to prospective students. When a high school student tweets about looking for an osteopathic school, some school like A.T. Still University could be using Tweetdeck to track the search term ‘medical school’ and reply to those students with info about their school.

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