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Alumni Magazine ad

Ad for Still Magazine's new website

This has to be my favorite magazine ad I’ve ever designed. Why? Because I had a vision,  sketched it out and communicated it to the photographer. It came together exactly how I planned. That may sound easy, but it’s not always.

The goal was to portray simply, that the print-only publication is now going to be online for the first time ever! I sketched a stack of magazines with 3-d ‘WWW’ on top of them. I then presented my idea to Kelly Rogers, ATSU’s awesome photographer and he came up with some sweet lighting ideas and various compositions.

I then went to work carving out the W’s from foam-core. Needless to say my foam-core cutting skills aren’t up to par. I first tried carving out a serif W… THAT was a disaster. Then I settled for a sans-serif W. My co-worker/friend/amazing illustrator/foam-core master, Jamie Carroll offered to cut the letters for me. THANK GOODNESS.

I then walked around campus stealing as many magazines as possible to form a huge stack for the photo. The photoshoot took about an hour or so and the only post-processing I did was to remove the stool the magazines were sitting on and to make the ‘WWW.’ pure black/white and not tinted pink (since the foam was pink.)

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