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Blogging to set the record straight

Bloggers often talk about news stories/write their own opinions on a certain national story/issue. I have even heard news anchors mention the blogosphere and the shear number of bloggers who will write about big news stories. Well, recently I’ve experienced this same phenomenon at a very personal/local level. But unlike some bloggers who rant and rant about their narrow-minded opinions, this splash in the local blogosphere was made for all the right reasons.

Blogging is a way to tell your side of the story in a situation that would be difficult to confront otherwise. It also is a way to tell what you know to be true, even if others are saying otherwise. I experienced this in the past when I expressed my thoughts about pledging/depledging a certain fraternity. Although my situation did have some backlash, it was a way to let people know what I thought.

So when a community of believers experience something that they don’t believe is right or warranted, blogging is an outlet for them to tell friends, via their blog, their feelings and what they see as the truth in the matter. I find it especially interesting that this small community of bloggers has embraced Michael/Melissa and express to the world what they know in their heart is the truth. So to summarize this recent phenomenon in my local blogosphere here are the thoughts on the situation at hand:

To summarize my thoughts on the matter. I haven’t been living in Fredericktown for the past three years to experience things to the fullest, but I have been friends/student of Michael since 7th grade, and I know he is the hardest worker, best musician, funniest person I’ve ever met. That’s what makes this situation so difficult because there has been silence from one side over the whole matter. I really want to understand the MH side of the situation, but with a lack of openness on their end it makes me question things. Michael has been up-front with me and open, and so I have to rely on reason and logic and know that he did nothing worth what was dealt to him.

And so, there you have it… my thoughts from 500 miles away from the situation. I hope I’ve positively added to the conversation that others have written about.

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