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A Summary of My Design for The Church

I started thinking, “You know, I’ve done a massive amount of design/layout for Meadow Heights Church and a few other places like BSU at Truman State University… so why not get all of my best work together and see what I come up with.

So here ya go!

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5 comments on “A Summary of My Design for The Church”

  1. You are very talented! I know Michael also enjoyed working with you! He talked often of how wonderfully talented you are at what you do. The Worship Concert 2008 is the last thing Michael did with MHC, isn’t that funny. It was a wonderful weekend.

  2. Steve…..just a great website!! A former student of mine who has a photography business in Jeff City is/was looking for a graphics person. I told him about you……think he wants someone permanently right away.

  3. Great looking portfolio! And just think…those designs only took a few minutes each! 🙂

    Ditto what Melissa said…I enjoyed our work together. You never know, it may not be through yet!


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