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Blast from the Past!

I was recently burning some old design files onto CD (all 500 mb of them). They are taking over my computer. I noticed a few website screenshots that I thought “this stuff sucks” when looking at it. One such website was the very first website redesign I did… it was for Sargent Construction Company

To make this more interesting I will show you the website design before I was hired in 2004 to redesign and re-conceptualize it. This is what I was hired to redesign:

Now let’s look at my first-ever attempt at redesigning a website. Before this website design, I had never done anything but make graphics for the web, or change the header of a website. I knew HTML really well, and that’s about it. The image-editing program I used was Microsoft Image Composer, a free software that came with an old version of FrontPage. Here it is:

Ok, so during the Summer of 2004 I continued to work full time, because they wanted a page on their website for all of 300-400 construction jobs they did. Complete with pictures and details of the buildings. That meant, opening up every floor plan sheet that was stored in their closet to get the building dimensions and other information needed for the website. This also meant that I would be driving around Fredericktown to take photos of all the buildings they have built there. Here is the current website, a little more complex and better designed.

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2 comments on “Blast from the Past!”

  1. It is amazing how far you have taken that site. I never did see the original version… Reminds me of an old DOS computer monitor.


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