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I’m a UX designer and front-end web developer with more than a decade of experience designing and building strategic, mobile-first, accessible websites from the ground up. I pair my graphic design skills with my web development background to execute website projects effectively.

I began my career with an internship for August Home Publishing in Des Moines, Iowa. I was honored to work with art directors, illustrators and writers to design every page of their special interest publication that year. My typography and editorial design skills honed during that internship come in handy when designing and building websites.

For more than a decade, I have regularly worked on freelance projects in the areas of websites, branding, and print campaigns. It’s always a joy to partner with small businesses to take their website, logo or print piece to the next level.

In addition to freelance work, I am the full-time web developer at a medical school where I create mobile-first, accessible websites. I work closely with managers and vice-presidents to create detailed web processes and workflows. Every day, I work closely with faculty, staff, managers, and vice-presidents to ensure the school website is meeting needs at all levels.

If freelance work and full-time web development isn’t enough, I also regularly travel and shoot landscape and architectural photography. These photos are available as prints or stock imagery at Etsy & iStockPhoto.

Learn more about my work experience at LinkedIn.