About Stephen Emlund
Portrait of Stephen Emlund

I'm Stephen, a designer & photographer from Missouri; owner & designer of Creative Improv; and web developer at A.T. Still University.

I began my design career with an internship for August Home Publishing in Des Moines, IA. I was honored to work with art directors, illustrators and writers to design every page of their special interest publication that year. Typography and editorial design continue to be an interest of mine and those skills have helped immensely when I'm designing websites.

In 2009, after receiving my degree in visual communication, I started Creative Improv LLC. At Creative Improv, I provide design and development services in the areas of websites, logos and print campaigns. My work through Creative Improv continues my long tradition of doing freelance work for businesses and organizations. I started freelancing as a senior in high school and still haven't stopped.

In addition to Creative Improv, I am the full-time web developer at A.T. Still University where I create full-fledged, award-winning websites. I enjoy taking an idea for a website from a faculty or staff member and turning it into a successful website.

As a designer, my philosophy centers around the idea that my work should not just be delightful to look at; but also have intent. In other words, my work should communicate the intended message as clearly as possible. So often, websites and other design pieces lack hierarchy and clarity. My goal as a designer is to make it as easy as possible to take the next step.